Taming Horses: photographs of America

"Neither the desert nor gambling are open arenas; their spaces are finite and concentric, increasing in intensity toward the interior, toward a central point, be it the spirit of gambling or the heart of the desert – a privileged, immemorial space, where things lose their shadow… "

 Jean Baudrillard, America; Desert Forever, 1986

Taming Horses is the outcome of a road trip from Los Angeles to Austin and back; a journey of insight, excess and simulation. At first glance the Meteor Crater at Winslow seems like a mural, but it is actually a hole in the wall that lays out a view of the surrounding desert. In 1982 the same "view" was photographed by Richard Misrach when it was a mere tourist car park. Misrachs's image is a classic study of the interplay of nature and culture. My photograph of the same location has the inclusion of tourists interacting with the spatial illusion: some admiring the empty space and some photographing each other in front of it. [Read More]

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