October 24, 2020



Recently launched: Two Inadequate Voices is a platform for image-makers/thinkers to recount and reflect textually on their stories of being out in the world whilst photographing.




October 1, 2020


I was recently interviewed by the wonderful Jesse Freeman for his Visual Interviews that are posted on Japan Camera Hunter website - see it HERE.




March 8, 2019





January 10, 2019



An articulate and extensive article on my work features in the new academic publication Pacific Exposures: Photography and the Australia - Japan Relationship by Melissa Miles and Robin Gerster:


“Photography has been a key means by which Australians have sought to define their relationships with Japan. From the fascination with all things Japanese in the late nineteenth century, through the era of ‘White Australia’, the bitter enmity of the Pacific War, the path to reconciliation in the post-war period and the culturally complicated bilateralism of today, Australians have used their cameras to express a divided sense of conflict and kinship with a country that has by turns fascinated and infuriated. The remarkable photographs collected and discussed here for the first time shed new light on the history of Australia’s engagement with its most important regional partner. Pacific Exposures argues that photographs tell an important story of cultural production, response and reaction—not only about how Australians have pictured Japan over the decades, but how they see their own place in the Asia-Pacific.”


It outlines my ongoing and long-form projects made in Japan and there intertextual linkages:


“A risk is that the fetishisation of Japanese suicide by Western audiences will see this critical issue pushed off the international agenda altogether. Häggblom ultimately highlights the importance of being mindful of this Orientalist tendency and maintaining empathy and respectful conversation. Although it is highly unlikely that photographs about suicide will be embraced officially in aid of bilateral relations, Häggblom’s work opens up a space for another, extremely important type of dialogue.”


Purchase or download the fantastical historical document here:


Thank you Melissa and Robin.




November 30, 2018



An interview I did with the wonderful A/Fixed (created by the Japanese Photography Project) earlier this year in relation to the Tsuka exhibition: "When you’re in Tokyo you don’t see the horizon. Even when you go up a building to see things, you still don’t really see the horizon because it’s just scattered with buildings. Then there’s other ideas like I’m obsessed in tetrapods. Tetrapods are these crazy concrete things that are kind of like a tsuka. They’re built with the idea that they’ll assist people in an earthquake and in a tsunami but an actual fact is that they’re more dangerous."




June, 2018



Tsuka: An Exhibition of Contemporary Japanese Photography is a project that I have been working on for several years. Through extensive consutation I have curated the work of 23 artists for the Centre for Contemporary Photography in print, projection, video, sound and photobook formats. The project has a dedicated website and a cyber/downloadable catalogue. Documentation coming soon...


Thank you to all of the artists: Risaku Suzuki, Kazuma Obara, Tomoki Imai, Kenji Chiga, Mayumi Hosokura, Chikako Enomoto, Hiroshi Hatate, Daisuke Morishita, Mayumi Suzuki, Hajime Kimura, Yusuke Yamatani and Go Itami, Yoshinori Mizutani, Asako Narahashi, Shingo Kanazawa, Yuji Hamada, Hiroyuki Takenouchi, Hiromi Kakimoto, Yoshikatsu Fujii, Masako Tomiya, Kosuke Okahara, Keiko Nomura and Yasutaka Kojima.


June 8 - July 15, 2018




February, 2018


The Tsuka Project is finally happening! For more than ten years I have kept a concept and idea brewing in the back of my skull. This is an exhibition and extended program that explores the theme of Japanese monuments for praise, homage and atonement. The dedicated website is live and the exhibition opens at the Centre for Contemporary Photography in Melbourne on June 7th. Please follow, support and engage with this project. The website will act as both a research repository and education facilitator. The exhibition features photographs, video, installation and a curated selection of photobooks. Artists are announced in the coming weeks via the website and socail media.





July, 2017


I will be discussing the MACK Books re-release of Masahisa Fukase's Ravens at the wonderful Perimeter Books with the photobook maestro Daniel Boetker-Smith. Extending on my paper presentation from earlier this year at the Unless You Will conference (Tsuka: The Japanese Photobook as object of Homage and Atonement), I will attempt to further contextualise and understand the work through associations with Japanese junbungaku and I-novel literature.






May, 2017



New Project: Hans Robert Häggblom is an appropriated semi-fictional profile that merges archival images, video, objects and text and is intended for eventual poster, photobook and exhibition forms. It is a collaborative project made with Bianca Maher and my father’s extensive photography archive and collectables. HRH begins with images from when Robert was a university student in the 70s and through to more recent work made while a teacher and when retired.


Bianca and I have started an Instagram account to experiment and release material and gauge audience response. There is a website forthcoming. Please follow us at: hans_robert_haggblom_project




March, 2017


I will be showing work in India as part of the FOCUS Photography Festival. Nihon: Interation #1 is curated by Farhad Bomanjee and includes images of Japan made between 2000 - 2008. This is one of several forms and edits that this work will be shown in over the coming years and the project continues as I return.


"These exterior spaces are often used for personal and obscure aspirations that are restricted due to limited interior living quarters: a couple pray for a dead child and a man carries cans up Mt. Fuji to fill drink vending machines. Within the urban and landscapes pictured figures are absent or largely overshadowed by the larger surrounding spaces and structures, often shrouded my obscure semiotics that function like mist. The photographs require a reading through the understandings of human interaction that often enmesh in uneven doses of desire and fear."






February, 2017


I recently began a new position at the Photography Studies College in Melbourne where I will be teaching, designing curriculum and working on the forthcoming MA Photography program. Thanks to the wonderful team at this fine photography institute for taking me on and I look forward to meeting and working with all the new students.




January, 2017


Long time between updates... A lot is happening this year. To start the year I will be curating an exhibition of work by the great Hoda Afshar titled In the Exodus, I love you more, at Mildura Arts Centre that opens on Friday March 3. Hoda and I will be doing an artist curator talk the day after. In addition to the amazing exhibtion, there will also be a popup photobook library from Perimeter Editions who I wil be working with to relaease my book Aokigahara Jukai later this year.






November, 2015


Recent collaborative exhibition with Mr. Laitinen. This work will evolve and progress as we continue to work together. The first 'incarnation' was shown as part of Mildura Palimpsest Biennale.






May 23, 2015


Some well overdue updates... I will soon be having a huge print sale to raise funds for my first photobook - Viewing Platforms. The 'dummy' is well on its way - more news soon. In the coming months I will be working on a new collaborative project with Tuomas A. Laitinen to be launched at Mildura Palimpsest in October. Also excited to be showing some prints from Viewing Platforms in Mexico (thanks Daniel Armstrong).


So! Please consider purchasing a print to support my publication when tha sale goes live - they will be cheap!





October 30, 2014


I am excited to announce that I am officially now a Doctor of Philosophy (Fine Art). I graduated last week and have included some installation images below from the Mildura Arts Centre incarnation of the project. It is now time to work on getting a final edit of Viewing Platforms the photobook finalised for publishing - more news on that soon.









July 3, 2014


A second incarnation of Viewing Platforms is now installed at Mildura Arts Centre. The exhibition features 27 framed photographs, the prototype photobook, two found/collected objects and a wall text from the semi-fictive narrative voice that punctuates the project textually.


On Friday August 18th there will be an 'in discussion' about the exhibition and contemporary photobooks with Dan Rule (Perimeter Books) and Ross Lake (Arts Mildura) - all welcome form 4: 30.





May 9, 2014


With some trepidation I am excited to announce Viewing Platforms my PhD assessment exhibition that opens next week. The show is accompanied by my first photobook that I have four prototype versions of printed - more details and images from that project soon.
































March 15, 2014


I have several exciting exhibitions opening in 2014. First, really looking forward to the group show Formality that features a select group of my friends and colleagues (no that is not me!). See details below:





December 14, 2013


I am releasing some exclusive print sales that are limited to five editions through my website. These prints will be photographs that have appeared on the website and others that have never been seen in public, have only just been scanned or possibly out of the unprocessed bag and recently returned from the lab. This summer I have two works from the Nihon series that were made during Japanese summers on the other side of the hemisphere.


Pink House: Atami, 2004

Pink Stripe: Ikebukuro, 2007 (recently scanned and printed)

Archival Digital Prints (on Canson paper)

20 x 24" (50.8 x 61cm)

AUD $350 

AUD $600 for diptych








December 4, 2013


Updated the Mallee portfolio with eight new photographs from the "Hemipteron" series that was recently exhibited as a slideshow and two-channel video. This is an ongoing project that will soon have a collaborative component and eventual publication.



September 21, 2013


Excitingly, I am in the final stages of completing the first incarnation of my new project that will be unveiled in the Projection Space at Wallflower Photomedia Gallery as part of the Mildura Palimsest #9.


The project Hemipteron is a form of neo-documentary which elucidates the underbelly that impregnates the vernacular of Mildura. The still and moving imagery is informed and inspired by choreographed, instigated and random voice recordings at a specific site which is both a physical place and biospherical zone. Hemipteron is a form of audiovisual haiku that raises questions in regard to poignant contemporary issues relating to the local/global, obvious/surreptitious surveillance and unscripted/choreographed public/private behavioral patterns. The imagery is underpinned and guided by a score that was composed by Häggblom’s occasional Finish collaborator Tuomas Alexander Laitinen.





With thanks to Tuomas Alexander Laitinen, John A. Douglas, Fleur Ruddick and Daniel Downing.




September 20, 2013


Ladies and Gentlemen,


Wallflowerians are very excited about the current exhibition that features Nathanael Turner & Michael Hernandez from LA. One more week to get a glimpse and be sure to check the forthcoming interview on the Wallflower blog.





August 20, 2013


I was very pleased to recently be featured in the slideshow “Contemporary Documentary Photography from Oceania” which was screened at CHINA HOUSE as part of the OBSCURA FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY in Penang, Malaysia, this June. It was curated by Katrin Koenning in association with the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive and also included Solomon Mortimer, Mohini Chandra, Phuong Ngo and Jagath Dheerasekara.


Exhibition and Slideshow details HERE





April 12, 2013


Here is a link to a radio (the great RRR) Smartarts review last year by Ace Wagstaff of Viewing Platforms at Edmund Pearce:




February 22, 2013


Have just updated the DMZ gallery and also put up some new work from Jukai on the front site - enjoy. I hope to revisit the series on the Demilitarized Zone in Korea soon.


Wallflower has an exciting line up for 2013, some names: Alicja Dobrucka (Poland), Warwick Baker, Juhani Koivumaki (Finland), Georgia Metaxas, Jane Brown, Daniel Boetker-Smith, Peter Alwast and Pierfranceso Celada (Italy – Magnum photos).






November 25, 2012


In addition to the solo exhibition "Viewing Platforms" opening November 29th, at Edmund Pearce there will also be an informal "In Conversation" between myself and Louis Porter on Saturday, December 1 from 2: 00pm.

In Conversation Haggblom & Porter
December 1, 2:00pm
Exhibition runs Nov 28 - Dec 15

Edmund Pearce Gallery
Level 2, Nicholas Building
37 Swanston St.

The gallery would appreciate if people RSVP through their Facebook event.





November 3, 2012


Ladies & Gentlmen, I have a forthcoming solo exhibition at Edmund Pearce in Melbourne. Viewing Platforms is work from my PhD project of the same title and some photographs are featured in that sectiomn of this site. It is during a busy time of the year and the night after Jeff Wall and Thomas Demand discuss their NGV exhibitions (details HERE). On the Saturday after the opening I will be in conversation with Louis Porter about the work, hope to see you there. 





October 17, 2012


This is the seventh and latest exhibition at Wallflower Photomedia Gallery featuring Christopher Koller in the main space and John A. Douglas across the moving-image spaces. It runs until November 13th and we will be running a video production workshop with John over the last weekend of the show that is supported by Arts Mildura and La Trobe University. See the blog for installation shots, interviews and much more...


Wallflower blog:





October 12, 2012


Last chance to see the amazing exhibition GHOST NOTES at Wallflower Photomedia Gallery. It runs until the 17th and features the amazing photographs of Robert Canali and a wonderful video work ROCK by Geoffrey Pugen. We have had a great response from the show and hope to get it up somewhere else in Australia. With thanks to Team Wallflower for their efforts; Ross Lake, Helen Vivian, Moana Kidd & Geoffrey Brown.





April 22, 2012


I am curating a new space dedicated to still and moving photomedia. Wallflower Photomedia Gallery opened on April 22nd in Mildura. First show is Tokyo Story with the series Tokyo Soap Opera by Tomoaki Makino and the 2 new video work by Finnish artist Tuomas Laitinen Slumber and Odaiba.


Wallflower Photomedia Gallery was established to highlight and create further readings of photography within a regional context. It aims to present the work of artists using lens based mediums from all over Australia, locally and from the world. The gallery is run through Arts Mildura and features three spaces that are purposely built for both still and moving imagery. Wallflower is directed by Ross Lake, curated by Kristian Haggblom, assisted by Moana Kidd and supported by Arts Mildura staff.

For details follow Wallflower blog HERE




January 25, 2012


To open 2012 I will be part of two group exhibitions in February. STILL is the first show at a new Melbourne gallery dedicated to the promotion and understanding of photography - Edmund Pearce - where I will be showing selected works from Suomi. The show runs from Feb 1 - 18 and the opening is Thursday 2 at 6: 00, further information can be found HERE.


The second is an exhibition and auction in Perth to support the Perth Centre for Photography. Collective will feature works from artists including Christine Tomas, Amy Stein, Paul Batt and Graham Miller, amongst many others. This is a chance to support PCP and bid for a work from Suomi... Opening and auction February Wednesday 8 at 6: 00 - details HERE.




December 2 2011


Saddam's Arse my first sculptural piece has just opened at Whitecube Mildura in the Gallery 25 location. The small-scale sculpture is a replica of a section "aquired" when the Saddam Hussein statue in Firdos Square, Baghdad, was toppled. This event has been claimed as the second most choreographed photographic war moment in history. Details HERE and images coming soon...


Apogee; Kings Canyon a work from 2002 is presently being exhibited at the Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts from their collection as part of the [email protected]Portfolio exhibition. Details can be found at their site HERE.




October 1 2011


"Iconic Budget Motel Embraced for Palimpsest Art Project"

Feedback from The Kar-Rama Motel Project, Palimpsest #8 is starting to filter through, to hear an interview with Tuomas Alexander Laitinen, Ellie, Luci Callipari-Marcuzzo and myself on ABC radio clike HERE.

For details on the collaborative installation, Wish you were here... by Tuomas and myself that investigates crows that fly into the abyss and necro-nationalism check his website HERE, (documentation coming soon). The soundtrack to this madness was "Easy Sleep Music - for Babies and Adults Yoga, Meditation, Stress Relief, Chiil Out and Relaxation" you also can purchase it HERE for $0.89.




September 30 2011


Suomi solo show at Beam Contemporary in Melbourne now on, all details HERE





August 31 2011


Mildura Palimpsest #8  is set to open next Friday, massive lineup and big thanks to Arts Mildura, the committee and co-curator Helen Vivian.


Artists confirmed for the Kar-Rama Motel Project are:

Keith Armstrong 

Chim↑Pom (Japan)

Luci Callipari-Marcuzzo

Kate Cotching

Warren Fithie

Elliot Howard

Tuomas Laitinen (Finland)

Brendan Lee

Modus Operandi 

Sara Oscar

John Vella 




July 15 2011


Great discussion between Garry Simmons, Brendan Lee and myself as part of the Australian Centre for the Moving Image artist talk program Mapping Terrain, in conjunction with the Shaun Gladwell exhibition. The site needs updating but it may be available to download online soon here.

Also, I won the Judges Commendation Prize at the Perth Centre for Photography CLIP Landscape Award. Thanks to PCP and Crumpler for the great new camera bag.




July 1 2011




After much research, work and energy the fundraising print sale for Japan is finally up and happening. Please consider purchasing, 100% of all funds go directly to those in need through CARE Australia.


Featuring selected work from Monash staff and affiliated artists, all works are available for purchase from the 5th - 19th of July via the Monash Faculty Gallery on Caulfield campus or online via the interface below. All proceeds will be going to those affected by the disaster through CARE Australia Japan disaster reconstruction effort. Initiated by Louis Porter, Warren Fithie, Siri Hayes and myself, curated by Warren Fithie.


All works for purchase and viewable here.



This Sunday (July 10) at 4 Suomi will open with the wonderful people at Perth Centre for Photography. Before the celebrations there will be an artist floortalk by Bindi Cole and myself. Suomi will be introduced by Perth photographer Juha Tolonen.

More details here.




June 1 2011


Forthcoming exhibitions in Perth at the Perth Centre for Photography:

CLIP Award - June 10 through July 3

Suomi solo exhibtion in gallery 2 - July 7 through July 31

Check information here.




March 14 2011


I am presently considering ways to have a collective print sale to make funds to donate to Japan after the devastating earthquake last week - if you have ideas please contact me...




March 3 2011


Art forum @ La Trobe University by Georgia Metaxas and exhibition by Louis Proter Unknown Land @ VARS

Next week Georgia and Louis will be visiting Mildura. Louis and I will be in converstation at the opening on Thursday March 10th at the La Trobe University Visual Arts Research Studios and Georgia will present her work as part of the Friday lunchtime Art Forum series (see the links section to see their work). Thanks to the support of Ross Lake.




LOOK! Contemporary Australian Photography since 1980

My work is featured in the recently released Anne Marsh book published by Macmillian Art Publishing, Australia. In stores now with a website soon to follow. Available here.




New images uploaded

Four new photographs have been added to the Viewing Platforms section; Broken Hill View, Commodore Motel, The Big Park Bench & Broken Hill Circle.




Well Overdue Website Launch


February 2011


Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the well overdue re-launch of this website featuring my photography and other projects. I aim to periodically upload new work and keep curatorial projects updated. In particular the front page will have revolving changes to imagery that will attempt to link all of my work conceptually. Exhibition documentation will be upgraded as I find the images! There are photographs here probably not seen by many before and the newest photographic work here is the Finland series from the recent residency - Suomi and some new additions to the work produced in Australia in the Viewing Platforms section. All feedback welcome...