Documentation 2009

re-socialization: The Wentworth Gaol Project

Murray Darling Palimpsest #7 - Displacement, The Old Wentworth Gaol, N.S.W

Curated by Kristian Haggblom

Artists: Juan Ford, Brendan Lee, Paul Wood, Philip Samartzis, Sangeeta Sandrasegar, Colin Langridge, Shay Minster, Neil Fettling & Peter Peterson, Shaun Wilson, Richard Grigg, Tsuneyoshi Nobata, Kate Cotching, Lee Salomone, Kate Vivian, Geoff Brown, Kristian Haggblom and Siri Hayes


 View of Wentworth Gaol Tower

Colin Langridge, Low Voltage Rock n' Roll, neon

Paul Wood, Pop Fountain, re-fired collected ceramics objects


Lee Salomone, it is what it is, beer tops                                            Juan Ford, Bad to the Bone, chalkpaint, canvas & chalk

Kristian Haggblom, My Aspirations far exceed Me, helmet & mirror                      Tsuneyoshi Nobata, Flower, found objects


Neil Fettling & Peter Peterson, Well-stocked Fridge, collected shoes & Fridge   Shay Minster, Slow Dance, inflatable clown

Shay Minster, Slow Dance, inflatable clown



Mildura Arts Centre

Curated by Brendan Lee & Kristian Haggblom

Artists: Angelica Mesiti (The Line of Lode and Death of Charlie Day, 2009), Lane Cormick (Unearthing the Hawke, 2008), James Newitt (Suspended in Place, 2008) & John A. Douglas (Screen Test (Australiana) - Suicidal Synthesis, 2006)