The series Nihon is a visual investigation of locations in Japan where - planned or unplanned - urban and landscapes meet and nature and culture entwine. As inhabitants I am interested in how we are shaped by and shape our environment and the physical and psychological rewards and ramifications of this bind. Public spaces, particularly parks, are a different kind of site in Japan where living quarters are restricted spatially. Amongst these spaces more personal and usually hidden pastimes are enacted. This body of work includes the choreographed portrait series PMS: where these heterotopian spaces are punctuated by figures that I have purposely directed to go about banal acts that hint at how our fears and desires are bound to nature. All of these situations are ambiguously recreated from events I have actually witnessed.

More recently I have added work made from a new series titled Japan Dossier that maps Tokyo while influenced by Barthes' concepts associated with the 'empty centre'.